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+2 Science (CHSE)

From fundamentals point and of view,This is the best institute in ODISHA for +2 SCIENCE.

Higher Secondary Education (+2) is the basic foundation of technical education and is a crucial stage in the career of a student. But unfortunately, the students are utterly confused by the conventional and practical teaching methods and their performance in the +2 Science examination and in various competitive and entrance examinations is not very encouraging. Those who nourish a desire for any professional course like medical engineering and other allied branches of Science rely on tuition and coaching centers outside the college. But they do not derive any real benefit from it as they waste their time and miss the benefit of teaching imparted in first-rate colleges.Motivated by a deep sense of concern for the science students at +2 level, SAKTI management felt the need of aspiring students - a college that would take the responsibility of the students in a way different from others, so, as to boost their performance in various state and national level examinations, by providing them comprehensive and integrated teaching through scientific management of students' time and energy, SAKTI INSTITUTE Science College aims at complete personality development of the students so as to create better men and women of vision and responsibility to surpass all hurdles of life and rebuild the society.

student Requirements

  • To develop library learning resource culture among staffs and students
  • To provide students new ideas, forwarding vision, pragmatic ambition.
  • To strengthen teaching-learning and evaluation process and to make periodic evaluation through conduct of unit test, end on test and other examinations.
  • To provide high quality, innovative science education.
  • To offer a holistic approach to higher education including technical education, personality development, academic excellence and social skills.
  • To offer stimulating academic environment for pursuing multidisciplinary ambiance to learn, evolve, achieve and realizing one's potential.
  • To award scholarships, free ships, prizes for meritorious and deserving students.
  • To create a talent pool of manpower to combat the emerging social issues.

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